Customize your own database: select names by industry, region, position and specialization and your business message will be delivered with pinpoint accuracy. Maximov data ensures valuable sales, contacts, prospects and leads to make you successful in Russia.

The right people at the right time - this is what Maximov’s directories, in print and now in digital format, deliver time after time: phone & fax numbers, email & street addresses, titles, structures, in short the basics for everyday business communications in Russia.

Maximov’s Birthday Calendars are high impact promotion tools containing priceless information to set up and develop personal relationships. Customise our existing calendars which detail the birthdays of 1,500 of Russia’s leading officials, business owners and senior managers.

All Maximov products can be customized to order. There are so many options: from gold block printing on hide covers to customizing USB sticks in their own jewel boxes. Your gifts – priceless for their information content – are made memorable to their recipients by their personalisation

Как мы работаем

To publish indispensable directories - of everybody who’s anybody in Russia in government, business and the regions - which are used to communicate with and by the country’s politicians, officials and businessmen and their myriad assistants and councilors both at home and abroad.

To maintain the trust and support of our primary sources of information: Russia’s federal authorities, governors and industrial associations and its thousands of companies and state bodies throughout the country and thus guarantee our Directories’ continued topicality, accuracy and their value to our customers, sponsors and advertisers.

From its bi-lingual contents to its multiple print and digital formats, featuring pocketbooks, CDs and USB sticks and its original promotion and customisation offerings, including the Birthday Calendars, Maximov is a publishing innovator. We intend to stay one.

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A Meeting in the CIS Executive Committee

A.A.Maximov met S.N.Lebedev, the Chairman of the Commonwealth of Independent States Executive Committee. It was agreed to launch the project to release the CIS Directory by December 21st, 2011, the day of 20th anniversary of the CIS foundation.

10 Jun 2011
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A Directory for the Russian Engineering Union Congress

Maximov as a Special Sponsor of the Russian Engineering Union Congress held in Tolyatti delivered a special edition of State & Business in Russia digital Directory to all Delegates and VIP-guests of the event.

11 May 2011

maximov information products:


The number and diversity of our political, regional and industry Directories enable your selected Maximov information product – in the format of your choice - to be personalized as the perfect gift for any targeted audience

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With close to 200,000 names in our database, the customisation possibilities are significant. Make your list choice based on multiple selection criteria including industry, geography, position and specialization and deliver your messages with pinpoint accuracy

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Created by Maximov, the Birthday Calendar provides a valuable means to communicate with prospective clients and partners all year, especially on their Birthdays(!), the subject matter of this unique and uniquely impactful calendar

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