At the moment Maximov series consist of 6 print and 18 digital directories. Listed are national and regional politicians, entrepreneurs and business leaders and their respective support teams of civil servants, technocrats and managers – the “VIPs and TOPs” as they are known in Moscow – who are responsible for the running of Russia’s government, regions and key cities and its principal State-owned and private sector businesses. All reference books of the series follow the universal principles and contain detailed and actual contact information: names, positions, companies and organizations structures, addresses, telephones & faxes numbers, e-mail & Internet addresses. They show the structure of management of each company or organization, all top managers with their responsibility spheres are given. The digital format has also enabled Maximov to enlarge radically the volume of information presented compared to the printed version, including: photos, biographical details, maps and more corporate and company organigrams, corporate logotypes and presentations.

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