You will meet Maximov Birthdays Dates Calendars in all offices and receptions of the Russian decision-makers. Surprisingly enough but Maximov could offer to use these unique calendars to address this audience with ad messages. Any of Maximov calendars is ready to incorporate you advertiising at exclusive positions, starting from your company anniversary logotype at the specific monthly page when it was founded; sidebar panels at each monthly page and ending with your ad at calendar stand footer.

Fir instance, such companies put their ads into current 2011 calendars: State Kremlin Palace, Islam Culture Center, Rossiyaskaya Gazeta (Russian Newspaper), Business-FM Radio, Austria WIne House, Rostelecom, Intersputnik, Sitroniks, Transvok, Gasprom Transgas Stavropol, Dalur, E4 Company, Complex Energy Systems, Souyz Holding.


On each page there is a place for a corporate logo, what can be used to inform everybody about the forthcoming anniversary.The presence of the corporate logo in the calendar greatly promotes your brand and its popularity, The tariff for 'State & Business' makes up 99.120 Rubles (you get 60 calendars for you New Year gifts), for Industry Calendars - 76.700 Rubles (30 calendars).

Векторный, CMYK, все шрифты в кривых,
черный текст (CMYK 0-0-0-100),
Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.


Sidebar panels - left hand side and/or right hand side. They are  available each month to view, what makes them especially effective. The tariff for any of Sidebar panels in the State & Business calendar makes up 208.860 Rubles and includes 120 gratis calendar copies to be used as your New Year corporate gifts, in Industrial calendars - 151.040 Rubles with 80 gratis copies. This ad tariff also includes (as a special bonus) a CEO photo to be place to the calendar free of charge. 



It's the best place for advertising in birthday dates calendars and a perfect choice to put a corporate logotype with a slogan and contact details as any user will view them throughout the year. This ad position looks both at the owner of the office and at his guests. Tariff for State & Business Calendar makes up 354.000 Rubles, what includes 200 calendars for your New Year gifts; for Industrial calendars - 244.850 Rubles (150 calendars) Simultaneusly advertiser gets an additional bonus: CEO photo will be placed to the calendar free of charge (standard tariff makes up 95.580 Rubles  for the State & Business and 65.490 Rubles for industrial calendars).


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