The number and diversity of Maximov digital Directories enable your selected Maximov information product  to be personalized as the perfect gift for any targeted audience and released on the occasion of any event - Congress, conference, New Year or industry holiday.  

Any digital Directory could also be customised on order. In such a case DDVD, a DVD box are customised as well as a DVD sleep-box to incorporate CEO photo with his address and client's profile.

Illustration of the State & Business in Russia DVD customisation for Pskov region Administration business gifts.

Customised USB sticks could be packed into jewel boxes to make your business gift a real information diamond. Therefore  your gifts – already valuable for their information content – will  become memorable to the recipients by their personalisation. Optionally it's also possible to create 'my documents' folder for 2–3 Gb of memory available. it's very convenient, as the user looking for necessary information every day will keep his files at the same place.


Business gifts marketing effect will be much higher if there is your corporate presentation placed to the Directory contents at its very beginning in any format -  pdf, audio- or videofile. It's difficult to impress anybody by a terrific presentation, but there is a problem: the majority of these presentation materials after exhibitions, fairs and conferences will find themselves in the waste basket, or the best - in a file hidden quite far. Your gift will have a very different destiny. Your client, partner, friend will look for information in the Directory every day and each time there would a chance for him to watch your wonderful presentation.

Compass Design Bureau presentation opens the contents of its business gifts and always provoke a user to look it through.

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