Civil & Military Industries in Russia: Now a MAKS 2011 Official Directory

 Under the auspices of Aviasalon, the 10th International Aviation & Space Salon’s official publisher and website, Maximov Publications, its new partner for “Innovative Development in the Sector” is introducing a brand new communications platform at MAKS-2011 (being held in Moscow’s Zhukovskyi suburb, August 16-21 ).

DVD/USB edition increases directory size and value to end users
For the first time in the history of the Moscow Air Show (expected to be attended by close to 100,000 visitors) in addition to receiving copies of the official Catalog and Guidebook the 1,000 official participants, 3,000 accredited specialist journalists and 5,000 business attendees will also be provided with a specially prepared ‘MAKS’ digital edition – in a DVD or USB-enabled version - of Maximov’s Civil & Military Industries in Russia, the highly regarded, bi-lingual English-Russian contact Directory for the sector.
This digital Directory is not simply a series of industry contact listings, but a comprehensive database equipped effectively with six search systems. Electronic formatting has permitted a huge volume of high value contact information to be provided, including the names and details of literally thousands of key individuals in this vitally important sector of the Russian economy. Wherever possible, photos and biographical data as well as organigrams, have also been added to illustrate state, industry and corporate management structures.

Obtain your FREE listing – overseas companies included – in the Directory today!
Every participating company’s basic contact information is placed in the Directory free of charge. Just click on this link, fill in the attached questionnaire (Form A) and send it back to Maximov Publications and we’ll do the rest. Maximov does not generally include foreign companies’ contact information in its Directories, but on this occasion we are making an exception for overseas MAKS participants, placing them in a special section in the Directory.

Make your listing stand out with your own corporate look & presentation
To make a lasting impact on the Directory’s users, all businesses, state bodies and companies listed in the Directory have the opportunity of embedding their own, digitized corporate presentation within the Directory’s electronic pages. This could consist of a company overview for example or a products & services catalog or an investment project description.
Nobody files away - let alone disposes of - Maximov Directories. They are used every day and featured company presentations are looked at again and again. Such corporate materials can be embedded as electronic links in the Directory in any format – in PowerPoint or as PDF- audio- or video-files – accessible direct from your company’s contact information page in the Directory by clicking on your very own logo.

Enhance your presence in ALL MAKS 2011 official publications + SAVE more than €500!
The price of this enhanced corporate presentation in Maximov’s Civil & Military Industries in Russia digital directory is €1,499. The package also entitles your company to additional FREE presentation upgrades - valued at over €500 - including increased space for your company description and corporate logo placements in the other official MAKS publications (print and web-based catalogs + guide-book). See full details of these bonus items, plus Terms & Conditions in forms CP1-CP6. These can be completed now by simply clicking on this link, filling in all the necessary forms and returning them to us.

Exclusive banner Ads and ‘click-thru’ links to your company presentation drives up visitor numbers

All corporate information, including any additional presentation material supplied, will be accessible via your company’s information ‘block’ located in the corresponding industry Section. In addition, any corporate digital presentation can be accessed directly via a link from the key Section Contents on-screen pages where exclusive partner ‘pop-up’ pages, and ‘header’ and ‘footer’ banners are also available, dramatically increasing the number of visitors to your company’s presentation.

Purchase an exclusive pop up Ad and SAVE €1,250 on company ‘bolt-ons’ in MAKS publications!

Choose the most relevant Section or Subsection within the Directory for your company’s products or services and purchase your own pop-up Ad for that precise section. All pop-ups in the Directory are exclusive and only one company can reserve a pop-up in any one Section. Pop-ups are priced at €3,600 each, with the package also including FOR FREE €1,250 worth of company presentation enhancements in the other official MAKS publications. For full details and Terms & Conditions, see Forms PU1-PU8. These can be completed now by simply clicking on this link, filling in all the necessary forms and returning them to us.

See: Sample Presentation and Pop-Up in Maximov digital Directories

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