State & Business in Moscow

Edition 6 - 2013 (to be confirmed)
Maximov publishing program ignored Moscow authorities for five years in a row for obvious reasons. But the situation radically changed when a new Mayor S.Sobyanin completely reshuffled Moscow Government team. This Directory will provide user with details for both City official structures and business sectors important for the capital existence and development. Contrary to the previous five editions it would be a digital Directory, what enables us to enlarge radically the volume of information presented, including: photos, biographical details, maps and more corporate and company organigrams, corporate logotypes and presentations. The last, but not the least: if you buy an USB version of the Directory, you'll find there 'My documents' folder, what would very convenient for any user: he looks for information every day and saves his files on Moscow officials and businesses a at the same flash-card.

The print version of the Directory (released in March 2006) is absolutely out-of-date, but it could be of high interest for researchers of Moscow authorities traditions (to find out who of the old Moscow government turned out to be good enough for the new leader). It could be bought  at 80% discount - for 944 Rubles only. There is no old version in our Internet-shop: you should call Maximov office to buy it. Keep in mind, that the new digital version of Moscow Directory will be released especially on occasion of Moscow City Day, i.e. in the beginning of September. Don't be late to order business-gifts for your partners in Moscow Government and Moscow business.

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