Business Contacts in Russia

Edition 7 - December 2012

3679Corporations & Companies
26276Business Owners, CEOs & Top-managers
48711Contact Details
459Holdings & Company Groups Organigrams
1190'Mini' Biographies
238Company Profiles

If Who Governs the Russian Federation is a "Mother Directory' of Maximov series, this one is a 'Father'. That's because it compiled information from all Maximov industrial Directories. After four print Editions it became digital since August 2010. The digital format has enabled Maximov to enlarge radically the volume of information presented, including: photos, biographical details, maps and more corporate and company organigrams, corporate logotypes and presentations. The last, but not the least: if you buy an USB version of the Directory, you'll find there 'My documents' folder, what would very convenient for any user: he looks for information every day and saves his files on Russia at the same flash-card.

There is a print version of the Directory (September 2009), which is out-of-date but could be of some interest to those who follow up changes in Russian business VIPs and TOPs. There is no print version in our Internet shop, but you can call directly to the office to buy it for 944 Rubles only. .

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Table of Contents

State Corporations

Industrial Conglomerates

Nuclear Industry
Rosatom, State Atomic Energy Corporation
Nuclear Weapon Complex
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Complex
Nuclear Energy Complex
State Secret and Information Protection Complex
Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker Fleet
Other Enterprises and Organizations of Nuclear Industry
Repair and Service Enterprises of Nuclear Industry
Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations of Nuclear Industry
Certification Centers of Nuclear Industry

Oil and Gas Industries
Oil and Gas Industry Groups and Holding Companies
Oil and Gas Production
Oil and Gas Transportation
Gas and Oil Processing Plants, Petrochemistry
Hydrocarbons Sale
Oil and Gas Foreign Companies Representative Offices
Repair and Service Enterprises of Gas and Oil Industries
Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations of Gas and Oil Industries
Certification Centers of Gas and Oil Industries

Coal Industry
Coal Extraction and Preparation Plants
Repair and Service Enterprises of Coal Industry
Coal Trade
Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations of Coal Industry

Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry Enterprises
Pharmaceutical Industry Enterprises

Electrical Power Industry
Electrical Energy Groups and Holding Companies
Energy Foreign Companies Representative Offices
Infrastructure Companies and Organizations
Dispatching Offices (SO UPS, OAO)
Hydroelectric Generation (RusHydro, OAO)
Wholesale Generating Companies
Territorial Generating Companies
Energy Sales Companies
Electricity Trunk Networks
Electricity Distribution Network Companies
Regional Electric Network Companies
Energy System of Far East
Other Energy Systems
Other Generating Companies
Utilities Energy
Other Electrical Energy Companies and Organizations
Repair and Service Enterprises of Electrical Power Industry
Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations of Electrical Power Industry
Certification Centers of Electrical Power Industry

Utilities Industry
Groups and Holding Companies
Gas Supply
Energy and Heat Supply
Water Supply and Water Disposal

Defence and Industrial Complex
Defence and Industrial Complex Groups and Holding Companies
Aviation, Rocket and Space Industries
Shipbuilding Industry
Conventional Armament Industry
Ammunition Industry
Radio-Electronic Industry

Machine-Building Industry
Machine Building Groups and Holding Companies
Machine Building for the Transport Sector
Nuclear Energy Machine Building and Instrument-Making
Oil and Gas Machine Building
Energy Machine Building
Machine Building for the Utilities Industry
Machine Building for the Metallurgical Industry
Machine Building for the Food Industry and Agro-Industrial Complex
Machine Tool, Tooling and Instrument-Making Industries

Metallurgical Industry
Metallurgical Industry Groups and Holding Companies
Ferrous Metallurgy
Non-Ferrous Metallurgy
Special Metals Metallurgy
Precious Metals Metallurgy
The Metal Trade

Food Industries
Agro-Industrial Groups and Holding Companies
Food Industries Holding Companies
Milk, Butter and Fats Industry
Meat Industry
Fishing and Fish Processing Companies
Canning Industry
Flour, Cereals, Baking and Macaroni Industries
Beverages and Tobacco Production

Timber Complex
Timber Industry Holding Companies
Timber Industry Enterprises
Pulp and Paper Enterprises
Hydrolysis Plants
Printing Industry

Light Industries
Leather and Footwear Industries
Textile Industry
Fur Industry
Sewing and Knitting Industries

Communications and Software Development Industries
Telecommunications Holding Companies
Public Networks Operators
Fixed-Line Telephony Operators
Telecommunications Operators
Satellite Communications Operators
Cellular Communications Operators
Broadcasting Services Operators
Internet Providers and IP Telephony
Social Networks
Internet Portals
Postal and Courier Service Operators
Information Technologies
Information Technologies Groups of Companies
System Integrators
Construction and Assembly Enterprises
Information Technologies Services and Consulting
Communications Equipment and Facility Manufacturers and Suppliers
Software Developers and Suppliers

Transport and Logistics
Transport Complex Groups and Holding Companies
Railway Transport
Road Transport
Air Transport
Sea and River Transport
Public Transport
Forwarding and Logistics Company

Construction and Property Industries
Construction Groups and Holding Companies
Property Developers
Civil Works
Industrial Construction
Transport Construction
Engineering Companies
Materials Manufacture
Property Rent and Sale
Self-Regulating Organisation in Construction

Financial Services and Banking Industry
Financial Services Groups and Holding Companies
Investment Companies
Asset Management
Audit and Management Consultancy Companies
Valuation Companies
Insurance Companies
Leasing Companies

Retail Trade Networks
Grocery Stores Networks
Department Stores Networks
Computer and Home Appliances Stores Networks
Cellular Communications Stores Networks
Retail Pharmacy Chains
Apparel Stores Networks
Restaurant and Fast Food Stores Networks
Book Stores Networks
Construction Materials and Goods for Repair Works Stores Networks

Media Holdings, Publishing Houses and Information Agencies
Media Holdings
Publishing Houses
Information Agencies

Industrial Sector Index
Region/City/Municipality Index
Company/Organization Index
Name Index


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