Oil & Gaz in Russia

Edition 7 - July 2013

3212Corporations & Companies
11592Business Owners, CEOs, Top-managers & Specialists
28245Contact Details
15Holdings & Company Groups Organigrams
720'Mini' Biographies
284Company Profiles

After three print Editions this Oil&Gaz Directory became digital in 2010 and since is updated each year.. This format has enabled us to enlarge radically the volume of information presented, including: photos, biographical details, maps and more corporate and company organigrams, corporate logotypes and presentations. The last, but not the least: if you buy an USB version of the Directory, you'll find there 'My documents' folder, what would very convenient for any user: he looks for information every day and saves his files on Russia at the same flash-card.

There is a print version of the Directory (July 2008), which is out-of-date, but could be of some interest to those who follow up changes in Russian oil & gaz VIPs and TOPs. There is no print version in our Internet shop, but you can call directly to the office to buy it for 944 Rubles only. .

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Table of Contents

1. State Authorities of Fuel and Energy Complex, Nature Management, Subsoil Utilisation and Ecology

2. Associations, Unions and Public Organizations of Gas and Oil Industry

3. Oil and Gas Industry Groups and Holding Companies

3.1. Groups and Holding Companies of Russian Oil and Gas Industry

3.2. Foreign Oil and Gas Companies Representative Offices

4. Gas and Oil Exploration and Production

4.1. Geological and Geophysical Companies

4.2. Drilling Companies

4.3. Gas and Oil Production Companies

5. Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemistry

5.1. Gas Processing Plants

5.2. Petrochemical and Oil Processing Enterprises

6. Hydrocarbons Transportation and Storage

6.1. Gas Pipeline Transportation

6.2. Oil and Oil Products PipelineTransportation

6.3. Liquefied Gas, Oil and Oil Products Transportation and Storage

7. Gas, Oil and Oil Products, Oil and Gas Equipment Sales

7.1. Gas Supply Enterprises

7.2. Gas and Gas Products Sales

7.3. Oil and Oil Products Sales

7.4. Oil and Gas Equipment Trade

8. Oil and Gas Machine Building and Equipment

8.1. Oil Machine Building

8.2. Oil and Gas Equipment

8.3. Geological Exploration, Mining, Geophysical and Geodesic Equipment

8.4. Pipes Production

8.5. Equipment for Pumps, Compressors and Armature Production

8.6. Welding Equipment

8.7. Monitoring and Diagnostics Devices

8.8. Petrochemical Equipment, Heat Exchanging Devices

8.9. Anti-Corrosion Coating and Insulation

8.10. Security and Fire Protection Equipment

9. Construction, Engineering, Communications

9.1. Companies of Oil and Gas Construction

9.2. Engineering Companies

9.3. Repair and Service Companies

9.4. Communications and Informatization Enterprises

10. Research, Designing and Certification

10.1. Gas Industry Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations

10.2. Oil Industry Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations

10.3. Geology and Geophysics Research and Development Institutions

10.4. Research and Development Institutions for Pipeline Transportation

10.5. Certification Centers

11. Industrial Mass Media


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