Construction & Real Estate in Russia

Edition 3 -  2013 (to be confirmed)
After two print Editions this Construction & Real Estate DIrectory becomes digital. This format has enabled us to enlarge radically the volume of information presented, including: photos, biographical details, maps and more corporate and company organigrams, corporate logotypes and presentations. The last, but not the least: if you buy an USB version of the Directory, you'll find there 'My documents' folder, what would very convenient for any user: he looks for information every day and saves his files on Russian con at the same flash-card.

There is a print version of the DIrectory, which is out-of-date after two years of deep crisis in the industry and its complete reshuffle, but could be of some interest to those who follow up changes in Russian construction VIPs and TOPs. .

Keep in mind, that a new digital Directory will be released in August, a week before a professional holiday - the Day of Construction Worker. Don't be late to order your customised copies for business gifts to your partners and clients.

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