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Maximov Publications occupies a leading position in Russia’s business information market. We have been providing our clients with contact details for companies and organizations and their key personnel for 16 years. Competitors come and go, but you can count on Maximov to be here to service your needs. This is not the first crisis we have lived through and we will get through another one. The secret of our success is the high quality and reliability of our information. Such an information is in demand for ever.
Maximov Publications offers a unique complex of information products and marketing services to promote business in Russia and provide it with information support. Maximov’s integrated information system contains 200 thousand names and contacts of officials and business people from 23 thousand state agencies and organizations, who are responsible for 90% of all key decisions, and from 42 thousand companies which constitute about 80% of the Russian economy. We are pleased to offer the following information products:

and render the next marketing services:


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