Fuel & Energy in Russia

Edition 13 - December 2012

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Since December 2010 the most popular Maximov industrial Directory is paralelled by a digital version. This format has enabled Maximov to enlarge radically the volume of information presented, including: photos, biographical details, maps and more corporate and company organigrams and corporate logotypes. For the first time the company - leaders of the oil&gaz industries - placed their corporate presentations in the Directory in different formats: from slide-show to 3D film.

Keep in mind that a digital Directory (as well as a print one) is released each December what makes it a perfect New Year business gift for your partners and clients. Don't be late to order your customisation.

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Table of Contents

State Authorities of Fuel and Energy Complex, Nature Management, Subsoil Utilisation and Ecology
Special Representative of the RF President on Energy International Cooperation
Industry and Infrastructure Department of the RF Government
Committees and Commissions of the Federal Assembly of the RF in Fuel and Energy Complex
Federal Executive Authorities of Fuel and Energy Complex
Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources Exploitation
Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision
Federal Service for Tariffs
Federal Antimonopoly Service
Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency
Federal Agency for State Property Management
State Authorities of Fuel and Energy Complex in the RF Subjects

Associations, Unions and Public Organizations
Nuclear Industry
Gas and Oil Industry
Coal Industry
Electrical Power Industry

Nuclear Industry
Rosatom, State Atomic Energy Corporation
Nuclear Weapon Complex
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Complex
Nuclear Energy Complex
State Secret and Information Protection Complex
Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker Fleet
Other Enterprises and Organizations of Nuclear Industry

Oil and Gas Industries
Oil and Gas Industry Groups and Holding Companies
Oil and Gas Production
Geological and Geophysical Companies
Drilling Companies
Extracting Companies
Oil and Gas Transportation
Pipeline Transportation
Storage and Trans-Shipment
Gas and Oil Processing Plants, Petrochemistry
Gas Diffusion Plants
Petrochemical and Oil Processing Enterprises
Hydrocarbons Sale
Gas Supply
Gas and Gas Products Sales
Oil and Oil Products Sales
Oil and Gas Foreign Companies Representative Offices

Coal Industry
Coal Extraction and Preparation Plants
Coal Trade

Electrical Power Industry
Electrical Energy Groups and Holding Companies
Energy Foreign Companies Representative Offices
Infrastructure Companies and Organizations
Dispatching Offices (SO UPS, OAO)
Hydroelectric Generation (RusHydro, OAO)
Hydroelectric Generating Companies (Wholesale)
Territorial Generating Companies
Energy Sales Companies
Electricity Trunk Networks
Electricity Distribution Network Companies
Regional Electric Network Companies
Energy System of Far East
Other Energy Systems
Other Generating Companies
Utilities Energy
Other Electrical Energy Companies and Organizations

Construction and Service Companies
Construction Companies
Nuclear Industry Construction
Oil and Gas Construction
Mine Construction
Electrical Power Industry Construction and Assembly
Engineering Companies
Repair and Service Enterprises
Nuclear Industry
Gas and Oil Industry
Coal Industry
Electrical Power Industry
Communications and Informatization Enterprises
Nuclear Industry
Gas and Oil Industry
Coal Industry
Electrical Power Industry

Machine Building and Equipment
Nuclear Energy Machine Building and Instrument-Making
Oil and Gas Machine Building
Chemical, Oil and Gas Machine Building
Geological Exploration, Mining, Geophysical and Geodesic Equipment
Oil and Gas Equipment
Petrochemical Equipment, Heat Exchanging Devices
Equipment for Pumps, Compressors and Armature Production
Cryogen Equipment
Energy Machine Building
Holdings and Groups of Companies of Energy Machine Building
Turbines and Blades Manufacture
Electric Machines and Generators Manufacture
High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Equipment Manufacture
Boilers Production
Machines and Equipment Manufacture for Alternative Electric Power Industry
Electrical Engineering Industries
Other Enterprises of Energy Machine Building
Instrument-Making and Automation Equipment

Research, Designing, Certification and Education
Research and Development, Project and Design Organizations
Nuclear Industry
Gas and Oil Industry
Coal Industry
Electrical Power Industry
Educational Institutions
Certification Centers
Nuclear Industry
Gas and Oil Industry
Electrical Power Industry

Mass Media, Exhibitions, Internet
Mass Media
Exhibitions in Russia
Exhibitions in CIS
Trade Shows Abroad
Fuel and Energy in Internet
Competitions and Prizes

Industrial Sector Index
Region/City/Municipality Index
Company/Organization Index
Name Index


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