Finance & Investment in Russia

Edition 3 - April 2011

2832Financial Companies
5776Financial Departments in Non-Financial Companies & State Bodies
20768CEOs, Top-managers & Specialists
71847Contact Details
25Holdings & Company Groups Organigrams

After 3 print edtions this Directory became digital. This format has enabled Maximov to enlarge radically the volume of information presented, including: photos, biographical details and more corporate and company organigrams and corporate logotypes. The last, but not the least: if you buy an USB version of the Directory, you'll find there 'My documents' folder, what would be very convenient for any user: he looks for information every day and saves his files on Russian finances at the same flash-card.

There is a print version of the Directory (December 2006), which is absolutely out-of-date, but could be of some interest to those who follow up changes in Russian finances VIPs and TOPs. There is no print version in our Internet shop, but you can call directly to the office to buy it for 944 Rubles only.

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Table of Contents

State Authorities
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Federal Taxation Service
Federal Service for Tariffs
Federal Financial Monitoring Service
Federal Service of Financial and Budgetary Supervision
Federal Financial Markets Service
Federal Insurance Supervision Service
Federal Treasury
Other Executive and Legislative Authorities
State Off-Budget Funds
Heads of Financial Authorities in Regions - RF Subjects

Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Associations, Unions and Public Organizations in Finance

Financial Corporations



Investment Companies, Agencies, Funds
Investment Companies
Investment Agencies
Investment Funds
Non-Governmental Pension Funds
Management Companies

Registrars and Depositaries

Leasing Companies

Insurance Companies

Audit and Management Consultancy Companies

Valuation Companies

Representative Offices of International Financial Organizations

Collector Agencies

Departmental and Corporate Finances

Science and Education
Research and Development Institutes
Educational Institutions in Finance Area

Mass Media

Industrial Sector Index
Region/City/Municipality Index
Company/Organization Index
Name Index

100 TOP Insurance Companies (according to 2010 half year results)
Leasing Companies Rating (for 01.10.2010)
Top Assets Management Companies (for the 3rd quarter of 2010)
200 Top Russian Banks (from 01.01.2010)
Non-State Pension Funds Ratings (for 30.09.2010)
Top Russian Investment Companies (for 9 months of 2010)

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