Currently, with the economic crisis affecting businesses, Maximov’s services of creating customized mailing lists and databases for direct marketing campaigns are in particular demand.

Maximov’s integrated information system allows updating online the contact details (position, address, telephone and fax numbers, Internet and e-mail addresses) of  200 thousand people who govern Russia and Russian business (the heads and top officials of 22 thousand state agencies; the owners and top managers of 42 thousand companies comprising 80% of the Russian economy). The system also contains information on the managerial and organizational structure of each of the specified state agencies and companies; the sphere of competence of each of mentioned high-profile civil servants and top managers; and also the names and contacts of aids and advisers who provide technical support for the decision-making process.

Maximov’s information products are unique in the Russian reference information market thanks to its great detail and reliability (See Advantages). Despite the ongoing changes in the organizations’ structures due to the crisis, Maximov Publications guarantees the reliability of its contact information up to 96%.

Maximov’ technologies allow creating customized databases using any given criteria (industrial, geographic, professional, specialization, spheres and levels of responsibility) for CRM or direct marketing campaigns (see Industry classifications and Position classifications in a Specification of Requirements page). At customer’s request, creating customized databases can be supplemented by additional services, such as creating personified letters (with addressed stickers if required) to the members of chosen audiences, packaging and mailing letters with customer’s enclosures.

Please fill in Specification of requirements for a customized database order and any additional direct marketing services and we will come back to you with a detailed commercial proposal.

For additional information and ordering DB or DM services please contact DM manager Natalia Piterskaya. Tel: (495) 727-0260, fax: (495) 727-0261, e-mail:


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