Dear Friends,

Maximov Publications occupies a leading position in Russia’s business information market. We have been providing our clients with contact details for companies and organizations and their key personnel for 15 years. Competitors come and go, but you can count on Maximov to be here to service your needs. This is not the first crisis we have lived through and we will get through it. The secret to our success is the high quality and reliability of our information. Such information is always in demand.

Our information products and marketing services are not inexpensive. The high quality information cannot be cheap, as its updating, including the monitoring of markets and the collection of data from companies and organizations through questionnaires, does not come cheap. Unfortunately, on the whole, in our market segment cheap information products prevail. However, as they say, “we are not so rich as to buy cheap things”. Choosing between the price and the quality, think twice what is better for you:

- to pay for telephone numbers which will be answered by the wrong people; for letters which will come back unopened; for advertising materials which will be thrown away;
- or to feel sure that you have bought good value for your money as the information you acquired is well detailed and up to date.

Working with us is in your true interest as:

1. Maximov Publications guarantees the reliability of its information up to 96% (the respective clause can be included in the contract), so the Client’s investment won’t be wasted;
2. Unlike most of our competitors, we provide details not only of the heads of the companies and organizations, but of all top managers and leading specialists. Our databases contain information on 70.000 positions classified according to 18 specializations. This allows us to create customized databases according to Client’s specific criteria, for instance: “Marketing, Sales and Retail Managers”, “IT and Telecoms”.
3. The Clients can edit databases they buy. We create a database and send it for a preview (in a shortened format, without names and telephone numbers). The Clients can compare this database with that of their own and buy only the entries they really need.
4. Databases can be created in English without additional cost as all our information products are produced both in Russian and English.
5. Our information system allows us creating databases using very specific criteria, such as the size of a company, the sex of top managers, foreign employees, persons celebrating birthdays (with the date of birthdays) and so on.

We know our business well and are sure that our information will help you to achieve success in yours.

Time – by Greenwich, information – by Maximov!

Andrei Maximov
Maximov Publications

Our clients